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Rails sugar (extension) for Espresso

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Ruby On Rails Sugar for Espresso.

Overall goals:

  • Snippets (match the TextMate RubyonRails bundle, same triggers)
  • CodeSense (cover ActiveRecord, ActiveSupport, ActionPack)
  • Actions (switching between Controller, Model and View, etc.)


  • Snippets for Controllers, Models, Routes, Layouts, Views, ActiveSupport, Tests (based off TextMate RoR bundle)
  • CodeSense for Active Record, Migrations, Minitest & Rails assertions, Shoulda.


  • Snippets for Helpers
  • -Snippets for Migrations-
  • -CodeSense for ActiveRecord-
  • CodeSense for ActiveSupport
  • CodeSense for ActionPack
  • -Snippets/Codesense for Shoulda (probably as a separate sugar)-


These can't be implemented currently because Espresso doesn't have the API hooks needed to trigger file operations that would allow switching between M, V and C, running tests, etc. I'm hoping those will get added at which time, hopefully the below could be implemented.

  • File actions (switch between M, V and C)
  • Run tests.
  • Git support (probably as a separate sugar)
  • -Find in project (hopefully implemented by MacRabbit in the core)-

copyright 2009 the MIT License


Based in part on some work done by Grzegorz Kazulak (

Intended to complement elliotcable's Ruby sugar (, and leverages onecrayon's tea-for-espresso (

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