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Xcode plugin to make HOME key jump to the first non-whitespace line of code

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This plugin was renamed to Xcode_beginning_of_line.

The repository name won't change, but with help of Thongchai Kolyutsakul the plugin itself was renamed to Xcode_beginning_of_line. I added a build step to automatically remove the previous version.


Unfortunately the HOME (fn← and ⌘← on a Mac keyboard) key in Xcode acts in a dumb way - it jumps to the first, usually whitespace, line character, so you cannot instantly jump to the first code character. Visual Studio implements this feature in a right way, jumping to the leftmost non-whitespace character on a first key press and to the beginning of line on a second, cycling between these positions on futher strokes. This plugin implements this smart behavior in Xcode.


Download and compile the project (the plugin will be installed during build process) or download the binary and unzip it to ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/



Thanks to Dave Keck for Xcode 4 Fixins project

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