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Papaver Somniferum, or POPPY, was initially an x11 hybrid, then PoS. One guy owns most of the coins, but never seems to do anything. I will give him 0.10 BTC for them. On Yobit Exchange.
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Papaver Somniferum [POPPY]


Papaver Somniferum, or POPPY, was initially an x11 hybrid until it reached height 40,000. It is pure PoS from height 40,001.



PapaverSomniferum Explorer


Could be lagging!


will make another one

POS Rewards

  • 8% per year
  • Minimum staking: 1 hour
  • Maximum staking: unlimited
  • POS starts at block 1
  • 25 mining confirmations
  • Premine 1.5 million block 1

General coin information

  • Coin: PapaverSomniferum
  • Ticker: POPPY
  • Address prefix: 8
  • Algorithm: x11 Hybrid / pure PoS from 40,000 blocks
  • RPC Port: 8155
  • P2P Port: 8154
  • Total Coins: Aproximately 4.8 million


Splash screen



Copy Paste to make life easy

The coin has a long name, which is Latin, and hard to spell.

Officially it is:

  • PapaverSomniferum

If you plan to run a daemon, unomp or just even want a .conf file, copy paste it in as a command/name or you will pull your hair out.

Depending on how you compile, run a daemon or use a .conf file, you will want one of these:

  • PapaverSomniferum

  • ./PapaverSomniferumd

  • PapaverSomniferumrpc

  • PapaverSomniferum.conf

  • /root/.PapaverSomniferum/PapaverSomniferum.conf

Blockhash, TX and address for API for blokexplorer (block 2)

  • 00000f4c4b098948044fbd62deda8aea7c69fa915e587c8de47d20bd7b1ed102
  • 33abec5906133cdb0eabedc0e0d56d001f4df48e326406035da9976e3307585b
  • 8USq7Dr4sKTkFNDmqbm8M92LwCe84h8nVb

Genesis and txhash (block 0)

  • 00000351bdd3da4c435aa1aebe6586af5f3bb990399be9f07598f39e12ecf4ef
  • 5e9da022aa074a962def9e363da5fd61cdf229ce483564bafb48b9d02653afaa

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