Native audio for unsupported codecs in Mac OS Sierra 10.12 with Clover
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This cloverHDA.kext enables audio/sound on Mac OS Sierra 10.12

Requirements :

  1 - Vanilla/Native AppleHDA 
  2 - a good Kext Installer or [EastKextPro](

  3 - Property List Editors - Xcode or Property List Editor, PlistEdit Pro, TextEdit, etc.
  4 -  must have CLOVER/config.plist
       i. RtVariables/BooterConfig/0x28
        ii. RtVariables/CsrActiveConfig/0x3 

Installation :

  1 - Download cloverHDA.kext as per your Audio ID's 
  2 - Install using EastKextPro or any Kext Installer to /S/L/E
  3 - Now apply patches from cloverHDA.plist to your Clover config.plist 
  4 - Add Layout_ID = 13 , 11 or 12 as described in ReadME.txt 
  5 - Restart 

Note : for Layout_ID you can use DSDT (HDEF Patch) or Clover (Clover/Config.plist/Devices/Audio/Inject=Audio_ID) or HDAEnabler's kexts

Layout_ID/Audio ID description :

for Desktop's:
  1 - Layout_ID 11 = 5/6 ports supported (Pink, Green, Blue) (Note : without auto-switch , you have to manually select between output/input device's) 
  3 - Layout_ID 13 =   5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Laranja, Pink, Green, Blue)

for Laptop's :
  1 - Layout_ID 13 =   3/5 ports supported (Black, Pink, Green, Blue)

Supported Codec/DEVICE_ID :

You must have one of the following DEVICE_ID/Codec name described below :

  1 - Realtek ALC to Desktop's: ALC887, ALC888, ALC891, ALC892
  2 - Realtek ALC to Laptop's: ALC255, ALC269, ALC269VC, ALC269VB, ALC270, ALC271, ALC272, ALC275, ALC282, ALC292, ALC298, ALC662, ALC665, ALC898 , ALC88
  3 - Conexant for laptop's: CX20590,CX20724 ,CX20752
  4 - IDT for Laptop's: IDT92HD71B7X,IDT92HD73C1X5, IDT92HD75B2X5, IDT92HD75B2X5, IDT92HD81B1X5, IDT92HD90BXX, IDT92HD91BXX, IDT92HD93BXX
  5 - VIA Laptop's: VT1802 
  6 - Cirrus Logic Laptop's: CS4213 and CS4210 

Troubleshooting :

   After installing repair permissions and rebuild caches use an application of your choice and Restart
   Recommended to Use EasyKexPro  
   Restart , if still not geting sound devices then :
   please report with Requested files 

This kext is based on PikeRAlpha's DummyHDA method and Clover Patches on fly method's

Credits :

PikeRAlpha, Mirone, EmlyDinesh, The king, Master Chief, RevoGirl, toleda, bcc9, TimeWalker and many others who contributed to AppleHDA patching.