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Modified to work with newer Netgear routers R7000 R7500 by insanid
Windows telnetenable-win.c and binary by LuKePicci
Based on
For more information:

Enables telnet access with newer Netgear routers R7000 and R7500
Should enable telnet on other Netgear routers that accept payload over UDP

Binaries are available for Linux x86-64 and Windows. They are located in the binaries section of this github repository:

Linux Users:
Download binary
chmod a+x telnetenable
Refer to usage instructions below.

Windows Users:
Download telnetenable.exe
Refer to usage instructions below.

Linux Usage:
./telnetenable <IP> <MAC> <Username> <Password>

Windows Usage:
telnetenable.exe <IP> <MAC> <Username> <Password>

IP - The IP of your Netgear device, usually

MAC - The mac address should be the MAC address of the LAN port on your Netgear device, WITHOUT the ":". e.g. "00:40:5E:21:14:4E" would be written as "00405E21144E".

For newer Netgear routers:
Username - 'admin'
Password = Use password you set in web interface

Linux Build Instructions:
git clone
gcc -o telnetenable md5.c blowfish.c telnetenable.c

Windows Build Instructions:
Coming soon!

Comments from original
This code did not quite work for me on OS X, but it was OK on Debian:

I've made changes so it works on OS X 10.7.4.  I've also added some comments to clarify what was wrong.


Enables telnet access on certain Netgear devices



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