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A fully configurable instant block retrieval plugin for Minecraft Bukkit Servers everywhere!
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OreMagnet - A fully configurable instant block retrieval plugin!
Version: 1.2_02
CraftBukkit Version: #1000

If you find any strange bugs, or want new features LYKE NAO, please reply here as soon as possible, and I'll come to your aid whenever I possibly can!

Ever get tired of mining every coal block in what seems like an entire chunk of ores? Need to gather or remove a ton of stone or clay in a flash, and don't have time for your instant break? Ever log on as an Admin on a server, but just want to use your bare hand to gather materials for friends? OreMagnet is your solution!

After enabling this plugin (/magnet) you and your users can take down entire viens of ores, or groups of any material in the game. By using the built-in configuration file, you can literally make this plugin require the user to hold a feather, to take down all the wood blocks within a radius of 10, but they can't do it unless they wait a minute between each usage.
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