A Xcode Source Editor Extension to sort your header imports and remove duplicates, similar to iSort.
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An Xcode plug-in to format your import headers in a systematic manner. It simply removes duplicates, spaces and sorts them alphabetically making it much more easier to read and avoid duplicate imports. Works with @imports, #include, #import and import.




Select the option from Editor > Clean Headers > Sort Headers. You can add shortcuts from Xcode preferences.

Please run sudo /usr/libexec/xpccachectl and restart your Mac before running the extension if you are on macOS 10.11 El Capitan.


  • Missing tests

Support for Alcatraz (Deprecated)

Install the older version v1.0.0.

Alternatively you can also clone the release, build and run CleanHeaders, restart Xcode.


I am using some helper functions to deal with the filtering out source text fromxTextHandler-objc, thanks for the awesome class.