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Asset Catalog Tinkerer

Asset Catalog Tinkerer lets you open asset catalog files (.car) and view the images that they contain. You can also copy and export individual images out or export all images from an asset catalog.

⬇ Download and contribute with any amount on Gumroad

⬇ Download Latest Release

You can also install it with Homebrew by running brew install asset-catalog-tinkerer!


Unsupported Asset Types

Asset Catalog Tinkerer was designed with images in mind, so it doesn't support some of the more modern asset catalog features, such as PDFs, SVGs, or colors. It may or may not be updated in the future to support those.

QuickLook PlugIn

The app also includes a QuickLook PlugIn so you can see previews of asset catalogs in QuickLook.

quicklook thumbnail

How to use

The app can open any .car file, usually located within an app's Resources directory.

Once you have an asset catalog opened, you can drag individual assets out or export the entire catalog / selected images to a directory.

Supported file types

Since version 2.2, Asset Catalog Tinkerer can now read theme store files, not only catalog files.

Theme store files contain assets for UI components, you can find examples of them in /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemAppearance.bundle. The app also supports ProKit's theme stores found inside ProKit.framework, LunaKit.framework and other folders within pro apps.