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* Implement automatic refreshing

* Remove force unwrapping

#30 (review)

* Change refresh interval to 15 min

* Remove whitespace

Just following the implicit code style of the project ;-)

* Remove lib folder

* Add Carthage folder to gitignore

* Integrate Carthage

* Remove code signing

* Add basic implementation for notifications

* Rename displayNotifcationIfNecessary function

* Separate new episode logic in a new function

* Implement way for users to disable notifications

See #39 (comment)

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If you want to support my open source projects financially, you can do so by purchasing a copy of BrowserFreedom, Mediunic or sending Bitcoin to 3DH9B42m6k2A89hy1Diz3Vr3cpDNQTQCbJ 😁


PodcastMenu is a simple app which puts Overcast on your Mac's menu bar so you can listen to your favorite podcasts while you work.

Easy Playback Controls

While the app is playing a podcast, you can use your keyboard's media keys to control playback:

  • Play/pause to play or pause the currently playing episode
  • Forward/backward to advance/go back 30 seconds


⬇️ Click here to download the latest release.

screenshot touchbar


This is not an "official" app, I'm not affiliated with Overcast, I just love it and really wanted it to have a Mac app 😁

NOTE: This app is free and open source but its license prohibits anyone from distributing it (free or paid) on any App Store.


PodcastMenu is only available for OS X 10.11 or later.

Get Overcast

If you love podcasts and you're not using Overcast, you definitely should.

Overcast is available on the App Store.

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