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[ABANDONED] QuickTime-like video player based on libvlc
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VLCX.xcodeproj Improved titlebar look on El Capitan Feb 23, 2016

IMPORTANT: this project is abandoned

As of December 2016, this project is officially abandoned since I don't have time to dedicate to it anymore.


VLCX is basically QuickTime Player, but with libvlc as a backend. The interface aims to be pretty much identical to QuickTime's, but there's still a lot to do to get there.


Playing a Video


Playing a Song


Color Adjustments Panel



If you just want to use VLCX, download the latest release here.


To build VLCX from the source, get a copy of VLCKit.framework here.

The app also uses Sparkle for updating, you can learn more abour Sparkle here. If you are going to release the app, you must change the SUFeedURL key in the Info.plist to point to your appcast, or just remove the auto-update feature entirely.

I'm also using Crashlytics to track usage/crashes, if you want to release the app and use Crashlytics, you must create a Config.h file and set your apikey like #define CRASHLYTICS_API_KEY @"your-crashlytics-apikey-here". If you're not using Crashlytics, comment out line 15 in AppDelegate.m.