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WordLift Cloud

Learn how to use WordLift Cloud to improve the organic traffic of your website using Semantic SEO.


The WordLift Cloud is a web-based application designed to bring the semantic markup of WordLift to any website regardless of the CMS being used. WordLift Cloud is activated on any HTML page by adding a JS in the HEAD section of the page.

WordLift Cloud enables content owners to re-use any RDF knowledge graph to add schema markup.

Get Started with WordLift Cloud

WordLift Cloud uses a launcher JavaScript that needs to be added to the pages of your website. Once the script has been added, authenticated users, are able to activate the WordLift Sidebar widget, choose the relevant entities for a given article and publish the linked metadata using JSON Linked Data to improve the SEO.

The markup can be checked using the Structured Data Testing Tool of Google.

To start enriching your content using WordLift Cloud:

  1. Contact us to get your account.
  2. Add the following script in the HEAD section of all the pages:
<!-- WL Cloud -->
     <script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- End WL Cloud -->
  1. Visit the page that you want to enrich with your favorite browser.
  2. Activate the WordLift Sidebar widget by pressing the "W" key while holding the Control and Alt keys: Ctrl + Alt + "W".
  3. Point and click to the area of the page that you wish to annotate.
  4. Chose the list of entities from the widget that represent at best the content of the page.

You are all set. Entities have been saved automatically and the page now features the required WordLift Cloud enables content owners to re-use any RDF knowledge graph to add schema markup.


To learn more about the WordLift Cloud get in contact with our concierge team and request a WordLift access key. Our team will help you to get the best out of the service.