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User Manual

Saffron 3 - Text Analysis and Insight Tool


Saffron is a tool for providing multi-stage analysis of text corpora by means of state-of-the-art natural language processing technologies. Saffron consists of a set of self-contained and independent modules that individually provide distinct analysis of text. The different Saffron modules have been developed for English.

There are two ways of using Saffron:

  • through the Web interface
  • by command line, using commands described in the and the configuration formats described in

The present Wiki describes how to install Saffron, how to use the Web interface and the different capabilities of the tool, as well as explains the vocabulary related to the domain, the approach and scientific methods it follows.

1. Installation and Quick Start

How to install Saffron, and run it through the command line interface or via Docker, and visualize it in Kibana.

2. Configure and Run Saffron

Explanation of the default and advanced configuration features, available in the Web interface and through command line.

3. Saffron Outputs

What are the different output files generated by Saffron after a run, containing the terms, the taxonomy, etc.

4. Visualize with Kibana

Visualize the terms, the taxonomy, etc. of Saffron in a Kibana dashboard.

5. Saffron Approaches

The approaches followed by the algorithms of Saffron for the term extraction, expert finding and taxonomy extraction tasks.