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Insight Decentralized Consensus Lab

Silicon Valley-based technical R & D lab, producing new industry-standard tools for analyzing and engineering decentralized consensus systems

Popular repositories

  1. Identifying post-quantum strategies for Monero

    Python 16 5

  2. Utilization of generative adversarial networks (GANs) to identify best practices for fungibility-preserving transaction patterns in the Monero ecosystem. (Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer)

    MATLAB 9 1

  3. Python toolkit for cross-chain data analysis; extracts multiple blockchain types to single standard SQL database (Dragos Velicanu)

    Shell 8 1

  4. A fraud prevention system for Peer-to-Peer transaction networks (Jahir M Gutierrez)

    Jupyter Notebook 8 8

  5. Project Lead: Rob Cannon // Insight's DevOps tools for ICON P-Rep nodes

    HCL 2

  6. Deconvolute the separate components of decentralized consensus networks (cryptoeconomics, consensus mechanism, communication layer, etc) and create a hyper-modular sandbox for easy R&D (e.g. $ star…




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