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Keys for a public representative node for the ICON Blockchain
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WIP - Please be advised

This module is segregated as best practices for handling sensitive information such as keys are being built into own module. This will change as governance is improved.

Current State

Currently the module has some logic that imports the key if you specify it or generates it via ssh-keygen via a null_resource and dumps it deep inside the .terragrunt-cache. The logic needs to improve to support either importing the key locally based on specifying a variable or specifying an output location to generate the key to with a default inside the local configuration

**Resources can't be created outside the current directory so key generation is not an option unless that key is generated only

Future State

We need the following functionality:

  • Import local key if supplied path
  • Get reference to key if the name is supplied
  • Import key into vault if that vault_public_key is supplied
    • Use vault provider and this resource
    • Get key reference if key already exists
      • Validate logic
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