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Source for the Wii port of POWDER, a Roguelike designed for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS, offering accessibility without sacrificing any of the depth or challenge you'd expect of the genre.

POWDER itself is not open source, but its source is available under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus license, should you wish to build the Wii version yourself.

Files for the Wii port are provided in the port/ directory.

All other changes made while creating the Wii build are provided in non_port_changes.diff, which can be applied using GNU patch:

patch -p0 < non_port_changes.diff


Grab the POWDER source (version 117 at the time of typing), copy the Wii port directory over and apply the patch.

Support Files

On Windows, I use Cygwin (with the make and g++ packages installed) to build the support files - this should be as simple as changing to the port/linux/ directory and invoking make premake.

Wii Build

The Wii build toolchain is devkitpro and devkitPPC.

Ensure you have SDL Wii and its dependencies available in your libogc directory as per its usage instructions.

Change to the port/wii/ directory and invoke make.

To test, start the Homebrew Channel on your Wii and invoke make run.