Babel plugin which transforms selected HTML attributes in JSX to their React equivalents
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Transforms JSX class attributes into className and for attributes into htmlFor, allowing you to copy and paste HTML into your React components without having to manually edit these particular attributes each time.

Installation & Usage

Install the plugin for Babel >= 6:

npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-react-html-attrs

Then edit your .babelrc to include react-html-attrs:

  "plugins": [

Plugin Order With transform-react-inline-elements

If you're also using the transform-react-inline-elements plugin, react-html-attrs must be specified before it in your plugin list:

  "plugins": [

ESLint Configuration

If you're using eslint-plugin-react's' no-unknown-property rule, as of v5.2.0 you can configure it to ignore usage of class and for in your JSX like so:

  "react/no-unknown-property": [2, {"ignore": ["class", "for"]}]


Read facebook/react#4433 for the reasoning behind why React treats these attributes the way it does and the potential gotchas which await you if you use this plugin (an old version of the JSX transformer used to perform this transformation).

It's fairly common to access a className prop in user-defined components, and if you get used to using a class prop instead, that you're actually passing className is surprising behaviour.


Testing setup cloned from gaearon/babel-plugin-react-transform.

MIT Licensed