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Travis npm package

As of v3 this plugin only transforms host elements (JSX elements with lowercase tag names).

Stick with babel-plugin-react-html-attrs@2 if you just want to transform classclassName and forhtmlFor on all JSX elements.

This plugin's goal is to allow you to copy and paste HTML and SVG verbatim into your React components, by:

  • Transforming HTML attribute names into React-compatible DOM property names:

    <label class="label" for="input"><label className="label" htmlFor="input">

  • Transforming numeric HTML attribute values into numeric JSX expressions:

    <td colspan="2"><td colSpan={2}>

  • Removing values from boolean HTML attributes, as "the presence of a boolean attribute on an element represents the true value":

    <input checked="checked"><input checked>

Installation & Usage

Install the plugin for Babel >= 6:

npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-react-html-attrs

Edit your .babelrc to include react-html-attrs as a plugin:

  "plugins": ["react-html-attrs"]

Babel Configuration for XML Namespaces in JSX

To allow use of XML namespaces in JSX for SVG, you will have to configure the preset or plugin you're using with {"throwIfNamespace": false}, e.g.:

  "presets": [["@babel/preset-react", { "throwIfNamespace": false }]]

ESLint Configuration

If you're using eslint-plugin-react's' no-unknown-property rule, you can configure it to ignore usage of HTML attributes in your JSX like so:

Show ESLint config
  "react/no-unknown-property": [2, {"ignore": ​["accept-charset", "accesskey", "allowfullscreen", "autocapitalize", "autocomplete", "autocorrect", "autofocus", "autoplay", "autosave", "cellpadding", "cellspacing", "charset", "class", "classid", "colspan", "contenteditable", "contextmenu", "controlslist", "crossorigin", "datetime", "disablepictureinpicture", "disableremoteplayback", "enctype", "for", "formaction", "formenctype", "formmethod", "formnovalidate", "formtarget", "frameborder", "hreflang", "http-equiv", "inputmode", "itemid", "itemprop", "itemref", "itemscope", "itemtype", "keyparams", "keytype", "marginheight", "marginwidth", "maxlength", "mediagroup", "minlength", "nomodule", "novalidate", "playsinline", "radiogroup", "readonly", "referrerpolicy", "rowspan", "spellcheck", "srcdoc", "srclang", "srcset", "tabindex", "usemap", "accent-height", "alignment-baseline", "arabic-form", "baseline-shift", "cap-height", "clip-path", "clip-rule", "color-interpolation", "color-interpolation-filters", "color-profile", "color-rendering", "dominant-baseline", "enable-background", "fill-opacity", "fill-rule", "flood-color", "flood-opacity", "font-family", "font-size", "font-size-adjust", "font-stretch", "font-style", "font-variant", "font-weight", "glyph-name", "glyph-orientation-horizontal", "glyph-orientation-vertical", "horiz-adv-x", "horiz-origin-x", "image-rendering", "letter-spacing", "lighting-color", "marker-end", "marker-mid", "marker-start", "overline-position", "overline-thickness", "paint-order", "panose-1", "pointer-events", "rendering-intent", "shape-rendering", "stop-color", "stop-opacity", "strikethrough-position", "strikethrough-thickness", "stroke-dasharray", "stroke-dashoffset", "stroke-linecap", "stroke-linejoin", "stroke-miterlimit", "stroke-opacity", "stroke-width", "text-anchor", "text-decoration", "text-rendering", "underline-position", "underline-thickness", "unicode-bidi", "unicode-range", "units-per-em", "v-alphabetic", "v-hanging", "v-ideographic", "v-mathematical", "vector-effect", "vert-adv-y", "vert-origin-x", "vert-origin-y", "word-spacing", "writing-mode", "x-height", "xlink:actuate", "xlink:arcrole", "xlink:href", "xlink:role", "xlink:show", "xlink:title", "xlink:type", "xml:base", "xml:lang", "xml:space", "xmlns:xlink"]}]

TypeScript Support

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be possible to provide full TypeScript support for JSX which takes advantage of this plugin's transformations, as it's not currently possible to override host element attribute types in the interface definitions provided by @types/react.

This Pull Request to DefinitelyTyped is for a @types/babel-plugin-react-html-attrs type definition which forks @types/react to add support for missing HTML attributes and to allow all numeric and boolean attributes to be strings as per HTML, but even if approved and merged, this will likely break if you try to use it with other type definitions dependent on @types/react.

In the meantime, here's a partial type definition file (for HTML attributes whose name doesn't match their DOM property name, including the all-important class and for) you can drop into your typings/ when using this plugin:


Read facebook/react#4433 for the reasoning behind why React treats these attributes the way it does and the potential gotchas which await you if you use this plugin (an old version of the JSX transformer used to perform a similar transformation).


Testing setup cloned from gaearon/babel-plugin-react-transform.

MIT Licensed