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User Scripts

User scripts for sites I tend to use a lot, usually to enhance repeat visits by reducing the amount of junk I need to scroll through.

These should be compatible with all the main user script managers.

Hacker News Comment Trees

Makes it possible to actually follow conversations and new comments on repeat visits to Hacker News.

The number of comments on previously visited stories is displayed on story list pages.

Screenshot of a story list page with unread comment counts on previously visited stories added by HN Comment Trees

Controls are added to the story header when there are new comments.

Screenshot of controls added to a story page by HN Comment Trees when there are new comments

When you revisit a story page by clicking on its new comment count, new comments will automatically be highlighted and threads without new comments will be collapsed.

Screenshot of a story page with new comments when using HN Comment Trees - new comments are highlighted and threads without new comments are collapsed

Other minor tweaks:

  • An "upvoted" link is always included in the header bar to make it easier to revisit upvoted stories
  • The default collapse control on the right of each comment is replaced with a collapse control on the left hand side.

Rllmuk Topic Ignore List (Invision 4)

Metadata in this user script is configured for Rllmuk, which doesn't use URL rewriting, but it might be portable across other Invision 4 forums which use the default theme

Allows you to hide topics you're not interested in the Unread Content and Forum views.

Adds a "Show Ignored Posts" menu command to your user script manager (or the right click context menu for Greasemonkey) for unignoring topics.

Animated example of Rllmuk Topic Ignore List being used to ignore and unignore topics

Twitter Engagement Minus

Adds controls to manage extra "engagement" on Twitter.

"Retweetlikes" - Likes which appear in your feed as if they were Retweets, due to Twitter's new algorithmic timeline nonsense - are hidden by default.

Screenshot of the Hide Retweets and Hide Retweetlikes controls added by Twitter Engagement Minus

Retweets and Retweetlikes in the timeline are highlighted to differentiate them more from original tweets by people you follow.

Screenshot of Retweets and Retweetlikes being highlighted by Twitter Engagement Minus

MIT Licensed