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Examples repository for newforms.

All Default Fields (source)

A basic form with as many of the default newforms fields and widgets as possible, showing a range of the options supported by the fields.

This example also demonstrates:

  • overriding the default render() method
  • implementing custom rendering using BoundFields and JSX.

Custom Form Layout (source)

This example shows how you could write a custom, reusable layout for laying out form fields in grids based on a specification like this:

  layout: [
    [ 'name'      ]
  , [ 'theme'     ]
  , [ 'startDate' , 'releaseDate' ]
  , [ 'state'     , 'resources'   ]
  , [ 'project'   ]
  , [ 'estimate'  ]
  , [ 'notes'     ]
, fillerCssClass: 'empty'
, topErrorCssClass: 'top-errors'

This is backed up with a base FormLayout object and a new base LayoutForm which uses it - these could serve as the basis for any kind of reusable custom layout you like with BoundFields and JSX.

It also has examples of:

  • using a form's constructor to implement dynamic choices.
  • full-form cleaning by implementing a clean() method.
  • a standard pattern for using a newforms Forn within a React component, holding the form as state.

Bootstrap Dynamic Contact Form (source)

An example of implementing a custom layout using Bootstrap and using some React state to dynamically control which fields are displayed.

It also has examples of:

  • extending a RadioFieldRenderer to customise its output.
  • implementing a clean<FieldName>() function for per-field validation logic.

"Add Another" with FormSets (source)

An example of implementing (multiple) forms with "Add Another" functionality simply by incrementing a FormSet's extra property.

This example also shows:

  • using prefix to have multiple instances of the same FormSet on a page without id/name conflicts.
  • validating and getting cleanedData out of multiple FormSets.
  • reusing a component for common contact fields.
  • implementing a Bootstrap 3 form layout using a form.boundFieldsObj() and a custom field rendering function.

Examples elsewhere

Isomorphic Lab (source)

Uses the same Form on the client and server for pre-rendering and progressive enhancement.

Also reuses the same Form for API validation.

Dinner Time! (source)

Uses a FormSet to implement a list of forms which can be added to and deleted from.

Uses BoundField and Form methods to highlight when fields become required or their valid/invalid status changes.