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insin commented Aug 29, 2016 edited
  • nwb new preact-app <name>
  • nwb build-preact-app
  • nwb serve-preact-app - with the necessary hot reloading code in the app skeleton

Preact's tiny size makes it really compelling for Progressive Web App usage, so how about investigating sw-precache-webpack-plugin with a view to adding nwb new preact-pwa <name>? react-hn could likely use whatever new config we have to provide/support, too.

@insin insin added the enhancement label Aug 29, 2016

@insin ws-precache seems fitting here. I've been using OfflinePlugin, but I have been toying with switching to ws-precache since it's easier to extend via sw-toolbox.

Regarding your JSX pragma import question, I'm always happy to support either import preact from 'preact' and import { h } from 'preact'. Personally I prefer the latter, since I tend to favor specific imports over property bag imports, but that's just my opinion 👍

insin commented Aug 29, 2016

In any case, it will be... 😎 configurable.

insin commented Dec 9, 2016

Added in v0.13.0

@insin insin closed this Dec 9, 2016
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