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Insolar platform is the most secure, scalable, and comprehensive business-ready blockchain toolkit in the world. Insolar’s goal is to give businesses access to features and services that enable them to launch new decentralized applications quickly and easily. Whether a minimum viable product or full-scale production software, Insolar builds and integrates applications for your enterprise's existing systems.

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Insolar Platform 1.0

Insolar Platform 1.0 resides in this repository. Insolar MainNet application (and its benchmark) resides in the insolar/mainnet repository and runs on top of Platform 1.0.

Assured Ledger, Insolar's Platform-as-a-Service solution, is being actively developed in the insolar/assured-ledger repository.

Quick start

To learn what distinguishes Insolar from other blockchain projects, go through the list of our features.

To get a grip on how Insolar works, take a look at the big picture and explore the architecture.

To run the Insolar Platform 1.0 locally, install it and deploy as described below.


  1. Install the latest 1.12 version of the Golang programming tools. Make sure the $GOPATH environment variable is set.

  2. Download the Insolar package:

    go get
  3. Go to the package directory:

    cd $GOPATH/src/
  4. Install dependencies and build binaries:


Deploy locally

To deploy the Insolar network locally, run the launcher:

insolar-scripts/insolard/ -g

The launcher generates bootstrap data, starts a pulse watcher, and launches a number of nodes. In local setup, the "nodes" are simply services listening on different ports. The default number of nodes is 5, you can uncomment more in scripts/insolard/bootstrap_template.yaml.

When the pulse watcher says INSOLAR STATE: READY, the network is up and running.


Feel free to submit issues, fork the repository and send pull requests!

To make the process smooth for both reviewers and contributors, familiarize yourself with the list of guidelines:

  1. Open source contributor guide.
  2. Style guide: Effective Go.
  3. List of shorthands for Go code review comments.

When submitting an issue, include a complete test function that demonstrates it.

Thank you for your intention to contribute to the Insolar project. As a company developing open-source code, we highly appreciate external contributions to our project.


For more information, check out our FAQ.


If you have any additional questions, join our developers chat.

Our social media:


This project is licensed under the terms of the Insolar License 1.0.