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Jepsen-like tests for Insolar
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Jepsen-like tests for Insolar.

Requirements: docker, kubectl, jq. If you are using Docker Desktop, please note, that by default it uses rather strict resource limits. You might want to change these limits in Preferences... -> Advanced tab.


# Make sure private key is readable only by current user
chmod 600 ./base-image/id_rsa

# Label current node: jepsen=true
kubectl label node docker-for-desktop jepsen=true

# to build the base image:
cd base-image && docker build --no-cache -t tsovak/insolar-jepsen-base . && cd ..

# to build the branch image:
./ branch-name

# run tests (use --help flag to see all arguments)
./ -i insolar-jepsen:latest

After the test:

# To login to `jepsen-1` pod:
ssh -o 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' -i ./base-image/id_rsa -p 32001 gopher@localhost

# To attach a process running in background:
tmux ls
tmux attach -t insolard

# To copy a file from `jepsen-1` pod:
scp -o 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' -i ./base-image/id_rsa -P 32001 gopher@localhost:.bash_profile ./
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