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make benchmark

Start insolard

./scripts/insolard/ -g

Start benchmark

./bin/benchmark -c=4 -r=25 -k=.artifacts/launchnet/configs/

or you can run benchmark with



    -c concurrency
            Number of concurrent users. Default is one. 

    -r repetitions
            Number of repetitions for one user. Default is one.

    -o output
            Path to output file (use - for STDOUT).

    -k rootmemberkeys
            Path to file with RootMember keys.

    -u apiurl (may be specified multiple times for roundrobin requests)
            API url for requests (default - http://localhost:19101/api).

    -l loglevel
            Log level (default - info).

    -s savemembers
            Saves members to file .artifacts/bench-members/members.txt.
            If false, file wont be updated. Default is false.

    -m usemembers
            Use members from file .artifacts/bench-members/members.txt.
            If false, wright info about created members in this file. Default is false. 

    -b nocheckbalance
            If true, don't check balance at the start/end of transfers. Default is false. 
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