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The architecture of the Insolar platform is multilayer with multiple components and consensuses to address complexity and a variety of requirements. The use of multilayer architecture makes platform design a challenging task, but with proper use it enables building complex solutions with better control of development risks and (later) of ownership costs.

Insolar platform architecture

Below is an illustration of the layered platform architecture that facilitates such a collaborative environment. The architecture is split into four layers. At the bottom layer, there are providers of hardware capacities, which are organized into national and/or industrial domains. At the next layer are clouds. This infrastructure can also be public and offered by governments or even communities as a public good (crowd-sourced computational resources). The next layer represents business services and templates for business applications provided by vendors. Finally, at the top layer, are applications owned by and tailored for companies who serve other companies.

Layers of the Insolar Blockchain

Although this vision of a blockchain ecosystem might appear optimistic, Insolar is proving it is possible. Insolar is currently designing the proposed platform in an incremental fashion allowing it to progressively grow into the ultimate decentralized collaborative environment for various kinds of industries, companies, governments, and communities.

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