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Ruby Dynamic DNS Updater

To install:

gem install dns-update

To use:

Usage: dns-update [options]
    -u, --url URL                    JSON IP URL
    -e, --key-name KEY-NAME          Name of the TSIG key
    -k, --key KEY                    Base64 encoded TSIG key
    -z, --zone ZONE                  DNS Zone to update
    -r, --record RECORD              DNS Record to update
    -n, --nameserver NAMESERVER      Nameserver to update
    -t, --ttl TTL                    TTL of newly updated record

To set up your zone file for dynamic updates, you should generate a key file with tsig-keygen:

$ tsig-keygen
key "tsig-key" {
    algorithm hmac-sha256;
    secret "ww4qyRqNH7CVk8U4m0Y0Rjin5G35YJgMv93sjTcRFo4=";

Save the output to a safe place, copy and paste it into your named.conf, and add an update-policy to your zone config:

$ cat named.conf
key "tsig-key" {
    algorithm hmac-sha256;
    secret "ww4qyRqNH7CVk8U4m0Y0Rjin5G35YJgMv93sjTcRFo4=";
zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/";
    update-policy {
        grant tsig-key zonesub ANY;
    notify yes;

Now you can call dns-update with your authentication details. It will get your external IP from and then update your DNS records:

dns-update -e tsig-key -z \
    -n -r \
    -k ww4qyRqNH7CVk8U4m0Y0Rjin5G35YJgMv93sjTcRFo4=