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DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 decoding/encoding library with client and server code, written in Go.

How to get the library

The library is split into several parts:

  • dhcpv6: implementation of DHCPv6 packet, client and server
  • dhcpv4: implementation of DHCPv4 packet, client and server
  • netboot: network booting wrappers on top of dhcpv6 and dhcpv4
  • iana: several IANA constants, and helpers used by dhcpv6 and dhcpv4
  • rfc1035label: simple implementation of RFC1035 labels, used by dhcpv6 and dhcpv4
  • interfaces, a thin layer of wrappers around network interfaces

You will probably only need dhcpv6 and/or dhcpv4 explicitly. The rest is pulled in automatically if necessary.

So, to get dhcpv6 and dhcpv4 just run:

go get -u{4,6}


The sections below will illustrate how to use the dhcpv6 and dhcpv4 packages.

See more example code at

Public projects that use it