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Contains plugins extending the inspectIT Ocelot Agent, such as plugins enabling additional OpenCensus exporters.
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inspectIT Ocelot Plugins

OpenCensus comes with a wide range of exporter which we cannot all include in our Java Agent inspectIT Ocelot. For this reason you can use plugins to add any OpenCensus Metrics or Trace exporter you want to Ocelot.

See the Documentation on how to configure your Agent to load your plugins. For building the plugin JAR files see the instructions below.

Building the Plugins

The plugins depend on two projects of inspectIT Ocelot: The inspectit-ocelot-sdk and the inspectit-ocelot-config project. As we do not push these yet to the Maven Central repository, you need to build them locally and add them to your local maven repository. To do so, clone the Ocelot Repository and simply run the following command in its root directory:

./gradlew :inspectit-ocelot-config:install
./gradlew :inspectit-ocelot-sdk:install

Afterwards you're able to build the plugins contained in this repository.

In order to do this, cd into the project directory you would like to build and run:

./gradlew jar

The built JAR will be located in the /build/libs folder and is ready to be used as a plugin for the inspectIT Ocelot Java agent.

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