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WebPPL mixture distribution with reassignment MCMC proposals
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This code is used to improve inference for mixture models in WebPPL, in cases where both the mixture components and the elements are latent. While it is easy to write out such a model, the default single-site Metropolis-Hastings algorithm is unable to make proposals which:

  • Delete an arbitrary element from a mixture component, or
  • Reassign an element from one component to another

This code rewrites a mixture distribution from the bottom up, first sampling elements and then assigning them to components, and uses factor to rescore the trace under the correct distribution.

mixture(sampleParams, sampleElement, unfactor)

Samples a mixture distribution, where:

nComponents ~ Geometric(pComponents)
For each component:
   params = sampleParams()
   nElements ~ Geometric(pElements)
   elements = repeat(nElements, sampleElement)


  • sampleParams is a thunk which samples parameters for a mixture component
  • sampleElement is a thunk which samples an element
  • if unfactor=true, scores for nComponents and nElements are removed from trace

Returns: a list of components as [{params, elements}, ...]

All elements in all components are sampled i.i.d from sampleElement. To make elements depend on their component's params, use factor to reweight the samples (see example below). Use the same technique if you want a different distribution for nComponents or nElements, e.g. a distribution with finite support. In this case you can use unfactor=true to automatically subtract their scores from the trace (see example).

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