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+title: InspIRCd v1.2.9 released
+author: w00t
+layout: post
+Not much more to say here. Downloads are available from the usual location. A
+big thanks to Robby and Attila for their contributions to the release, thanks to
+other authors also.
+Users of the 1.2 series are suggested to upgrade.
+A summary of the changes since v1.2.9rc1 may be found below.
+ Guillaume Delacour (1):
+ Fix compilation with GCC 4.7.
+ Robby- (17):
+ Backported Shawn's NoSnoticeStack code from insp21
+ Replace [cC]olour with [cC]olor
+ /STATS: Update the helpop stats-characters aswell as give the ziplink and shun modules their own stats-characters so they actually work and don't collide with others (shun was for example overriding svshold
+ Add some more info about logging types and levels to the config file, correct a channels debug type and make a MISC message fall under CULLLIST instead since it is related to the other Cullstuff (MISC was o
+ Some minor corrections and tab removals
+ *cough*
+ shun: Correct stats character in the notice too
+ shun: stats functionality is implemented, this may be removed
+ Make m_shun work on aliases
+ /STATS: updates
+ Checking E-lines once is enough
+ Update helpop config file name and remove some spaces
+ Add an /HELP alias for /HELPOP
+ Replace copyright headers with headers granting specific authors copyright
+ Headers: update remaining scripts too
+ resource.rc: update copyright to 2012
+ Headers: update the modules Makefile header that is generated by configure
+ Robin Burchell (2):
+ remove trailing whitespace
+ v1.2.9 final
+ Shawn Smith (2):
+ Fixes issue #39 reported by @attilamolnar. Thanks to @attilamolnar for supplying the code.
+ This addresses the memory leak issues reported in issue #38.
+ William Pitcock (1):
+ Explicitly shut down stdio's stdin/stdout/stderr.
+ attilamolnar (5):
+ Fix double free (in 1.2 the core deletes the commands upon module unload not the module)
+ Fixes for OnDelLine checking hardcoded line type 'K' instead of IsBurstable() and not obeying loopCall, thus broadcasting a redundant DELLINE for every DELLINE received.
+ Fix MaxModes check when bursting bans for a channel to compare the number of bans not the length of the parameters it queued for sending. This has caused nearly every ban to be sent in a seperate FMODE.
+ Fix issue #18 reported by @int- (remote restriction on /stats)
+ Fix crash in m_rline m_rline only called UseInterface() in the constructor, so when there was no regex engine loaded UseInterface() did nothing. If the specifed regex engine was loaded later on this
+ edem (1):
+ Revert "m_ssl_gnutls: remove STARTTLS support"

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