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Fixed a typo in the helpop-full example file that broke most of its c…

…ontents (thanks Robby)

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@@ -41,17 +41,6 @@ and S queries the status.">
<helpop key="vhost" value="/VHOST [username] [password]
Authenticate for a vhost.">
<helpop key="park" value="/PARK
Parks the nickname which issues the command. The session's
connection is closed, but the session remains as a ghost, to
be reclaimed later. When the user quits, they will be given a"
key which is random.">
<helpop key="unpark" value="/UNPARK [nickname] [key]
Unparks the nickname specified. The nickname must already
be previously parked, and the key must match the one for
this nickname.">
<helpop key="kick" value="/REMOVE [channel] [nick] {[reason]}
Removes a user from a channel you specify. You must be
At least a channel halfoperator to remove a user.

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