Commits on Sep 24, 2017
Commits on Sep 21, 2017
  1. Move the init scripts out of the prefix into the new script dir.

    SaberUK committed Sep 21, 2017
    The previous directory was okay for home directory installs but
    was problematic for system wide installs.
Commits on Sep 18, 2017
Commits on Sep 14, 2017
  1. Raise the default listmode limit to 100 from 64.

    SaberUK committed Sep 14, 2017
    64 is a rather restrictive limit especially considering how fast
    channels can accumulate bans. In fact, #InspIRCd hit the ban limit
    in just over a year.
    Having a low limit might have made sense when memory was expensive
    but the average IRC server should be able to handle this fine now.
Commits on Sep 12, 2017
  1. Get rid of irc::sockets::satoap().

    SaberUK committed Aug 28, 2017
    This function is being misused in all but one scenario. It isn't
    really worth keeping IMO.
  2. Clean up the <security:runas{user,group}> code.

    SaberUK committed Sep 12, 2017
    - Get rid of unnecessary temporary values.
    - Remove an erroneous usage comment.
    - Reset errno before the call to setgroups.
    - Unify the two stage initialisation of g/u.
Commits on Sep 11, 2017
Commits on Sep 8, 2017
Commits on Sep 6, 2017
  1. Move RPL_SYNTAX to 650 to prevent a collision with RPL_TEXT.

    SaberUK committed Sep 2, 2017
    Also move the command name to a parameter so that it is more easily
    parseable by software.
  2. Improve the /MODULES output.

    SaberUK committed Sep 5, 2017
Commits on Sep 3, 2017
  1. Add a ConfigTag* parameter to the ServerPaths constructor.

    SaberUK committed Aug 27, 2017
    This is used to directly read the settings from the config tag like
    how ServerLimits works.
Commits on Aug 27, 2017
Commits on Aug 26, 2017
  1. Make the build reproducible by removing time related macros.

    SaberUK committed Aug 16, 2017
    The compile time on boot is not accurate as it will only change
    when the translation unit containing it is edited.
    The startup time in RPL_SERVERCREATED is a lot more useful than
    the compilation time. ngIRCd also implements this behaviour.
Commits on Aug 16, 2017
Commits on Aug 13, 2017
  1. Remove <alias:matchcase> and associated code.

    SaberUK committed Jul 30, 2017
    This was never documented and seems pretty useless.
Commits on Aug 11, 2017
Commits on Aug 6, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #1141 from SaberUK/master+windows-purge

    SaberUK committed on GitHub Aug 6, 2017
    Purge code for Windows XP and MSVC pre-2015.
Commits on Aug 5, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #1351 from SaberUK/master+webirc

    SaberUK committed on GitHub Aug 5, 2017
    Allow filtering WebIRC connections into a connect class by gateway.