[2.0.6] Elines do not respect ident #290

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Someone who is elined by ident will not be able to connect to a server if they are also glined. Example:

Gline on @.isp
Eline on X@*.isp
User connects with !X@.isp

User won't be able to connect with the gline message.


attilamolnar commented Aug 31, 2012

I suppose you're using 2.0, right?

This is in 2.0.6.


Shawn-Smith commented Sep 1, 2012

If it's not much trouble could you update and make sure it hasn't already been fixed?

JDowny commented Sep 1, 2012

Same issue for me in 2.0.8, me@something.com is elined, when a gline of *@something.com is set user still gets glined and can't connect.


Reading the helpop on elines

� This command has a few important limitations. Bans on *@ip can only
*� be negated by an eline on *@ip, bans on *@host can be negated by
*� elines on *@ip, or *@host, and bans on ident@
or ident@host
*� can be negated by any eline that matches.

This to me sounds like it is by design then.


md-5 commented Jan 4, 2014

Yeah this is by design.
If the ident is * its effectively a Z:Line and done literally as soon as the socket is opened / DNS lookup.

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