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IncreaseOSBuffers() in inspsocket.cpp assumedly does nothing #302

blitmap opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Fourth paragraph states that increasing the send or receive buffer of a socket should be done before a listen() or connect(), which is not the case within BufferSocket::BeginConnect()

The call to IncreaseOSBuffers() should be made before ServerInstance->SE->Connect(), no?

ALSO, perhaps this shouldn't even be here, maybe remove IncreaseOSBuffers() altogether unless it can be done smartly? Supposedly it hasn't even been working all this time.

In debug runs, maybe the socket options set for the server sockets should be printed somewhere.


removed the no-op call in 2.0, milestone set to 2.2 for moving this inside the socketengine and making this actually work if we want it

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