[Feature Request] Allow +f to do mute bans. #311

killerrabbit opened this Issue Oct 2, 2012 · 4 comments


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Allow an option for +f to do a mute ban instead of a regular ban. Maybe through another letter/symbol?
Might not want it to kick if it mute bans.


Shawn-Smith commented Oct 2, 2012

Right now it's +f X:Y for kicks, +f *X:Y for bans. Maybe this could be changed to +f [func]:X:Y Where func is either kick, ban, or mute?


Shawn-Smith commented Apr 20, 2013

@ShutterQuick I've modified m_messageflood to allow for blocking instead of banning. Since it's a similar feature to what you wanted I figured I'd bump this. The pull request is #471.

westor7 commented Apr 29, 2013

@Shawn-Smith is there any +X parameter? e.g: +X noflood:o because now does not working on operators + over, it is working on halfops and lower!


ShutterQuick commented Apr 30, 2013

@westor7 The exemption word for flood is flood, not noflood.
Try +X flood:o

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