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Adam- commented Oct 3, 2012

Often services like to be able to change the topic on a channel and set the timestamp to something in the past, for instance with topic lock or on channel creation. Now to enforce topic lock services have to bump the topic TS up to the current time, but can still re-set the original author of the topic, which is misleading.

I think either FTOPIC should allow U:lines to set older topics, add a second timestamp to FTOPIC (one for now and one for topic set time), or implement some sort of server-side topic lock.


Makes sense, writing a module to implement this "set all topic information to the given parameters" SVSTOPIC command for the 2.0 branch shouldn't be hard.
I don't think we should touch spanningtree. In fact the opposite: for 2.2 I'm planning to seperate all SVS commands from spanningtree into a new module, in the future this can go in there as well.

Btw FTOPIC has (or had) a channel timestamp as well in late 2.1, I'll reimplement that as well in 2.2. (or maybe even for 2.0, why not).


What I wanted to say in the last paragraph is that you don't really need a channel ts for this so a new command is ok

SaberUK commented Oct 4, 2012

@attilamolnar If we are going to implement it in 2.0 then we will need to port all of the changes from 2.1 as we will need to increment the protocol version and it doesnt have enough extra digits to add a version in between the 2.1 changes.


@SaberUK not required because a module can add a new command regardless of the protocol version


the real problem is with other pseudo-servers like denora, they need to recognize the new command as well


module added for this

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