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/qline and channels #370

CuleX opened this Issue · 7 comments

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As a feature request, consider allowing that channels are qlined in the same way it's possible to qline nicks.


How is this different from m_cban?


I'd imagine there is some duplicated functionality between qlines and m_cban, it might be neater code-wise and easier for the average user to understand if we just made it possible to qline channels as well as nicks.

inspircd member

Can't you add an alias that translates /qline #* to /cban ?


I agree with @Shawn-Smith on this. It seems pointless to have two methods of doing basically the same thing.


For now we could alias /qline #* to /cban, but for the next major version it might be better if we remove m_cban and just add the functionality to qline channels.

inspircd member

the only gain i see in this is that opers wouldnt need to know about /cban they could just use /qline for both nicks and channels, which is ok, and should be possible using an alias


I don't see why you want this, but as @attilamolnar mentioned, you can achieve this by having m_cban loaded and using this alias:
<alias text="QLINE" format="#*" replace="CBAN $2-">

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