[2.0.9] m_messageflood, muteban #394

JDowny opened this Issue Dec 28, 2012 · 3 comments

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If I match a mute ban mask in a channel, and flood protection is set on that channel I can get kicked even while muted.

* tester sets ban on m:tester!@
<tester> bug
* #opers :Cannot send to channel (you're muted)
<tester> bug
* #opers :Cannot send to channel (you're muted)
<tester> bug
* You have been kicked from #opers by TesNet (Channel flood triggered (limit is 3 lines in 3 secs))

This does not happen for a normal +b mask, I have not tested anything beyond these two to see if other extbans are effected.


2.0.10 seems affected as well, which makes sense since I don't remember seeing any changes related to things like this


I think that changing this from OnUserPreMessage to OnUserPostMessage would fix it, but I'm not entirely sure.

inspircd member

prioritization issue, should be trivial to fix

@satmd satmd added a commit to satmd/inspircd that referenced this issue Jun 1, 2014
@attilamolnar attilamolnar m_messageflood Ask to be the last to handle OnUserPreMessage/OnUserPr…

Fixes #394 reported by @JDowny
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