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Let me describe a scenario to make a clear explanation.

Channel #test:

Channel #cheese

When I try to join #cheese I get the announcement that I'm banned and that I am automatically transferred to #test. The problem here, is that I join through my ban in channel #test.

I did some research and the problem only occurs when in the redirect channel the ban mask has a redirect channel added to it. So when i use 'test!' as ban mask in channel #test it works just fine and tells me that I am also banned in #test when I join channel #cheese

I am using InspIRCd V2.0.9 at this moment and didn't see a patch note for this on V2.0.10. Thanks for the awesome software!


SaberUK commented Jan 1, 2013

I can not replicate this on 2.0.10. Disregard, there was an error in my configuration. I can reproduce this now.

There is a grammar message in the message though. There should be a "being" after "are".


Shawn-Smith commented Jan 1, 2013

@SaberUK What are the bans you've placed on each channel?


SaberUK commented Jan 2, 2013

@Shawn-Smith It was a configuration error on my part. I can now reproduce this bug.


rburchell commented Jan 2, 2013

needs to reuse the same smarts +L has to avoid loops


Shawn-Smith commented Jan 2, 2013

Hmm, something we might want to keep in mind for the next version is a way to track if the user has already been redirected. So if they've been redirected once by +L already they wont be redirected again by this module, that would also be good to make usermode +L stop redirections caused by other modules, instead of just the channel mode +L redirects.

I wonder if it would be possible to create a redirect loop by using this module and m_redirect.
Nevermind, can't do that.


attilamolnar commented Jan 2, 2013

@patatje368 thanks for the report, issue fixed in git head

@satmd satmd added a commit to satmd/inspircd that referenced this issue Jun 1, 2014

@attilamolnar @satmd attilamolnar + satmd m_banredirect Deny the join to the redirect channel if it has a redir…
…ecting ban set that matches the user

Fixes #395 reported by @patatje368
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