[2.0] Bunch of fixes and enhancements #236

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@rburchell please pick what you think should make it into the rc

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06/30@00:07:48 not happy with f8bcbc7480f51876b14660461938dcde9fdb311a
06/30@00:07:59 can you please split it into two commits? one fixing maxbans, one simplifying the code
06/30@00:08:13 I want minimal risk for the release, we can add the cleanup after the release
06/30@00:08:49 same for the m_callerid/m_dccallow changes, they're good, but I'm worried at the size
06/30@00:15:51 a923a3aafb18f175a85aac66186cac2c51322ec0 needs splitting

06/30@00:20:10 not happy with the idea of 35fabe449b9deecfff505c3d321e2b506e2b9bed - removing the mode isn't the greatest of ideas
06/30@00:20:25 take a look at what unrealircd did about that, i seem to remember they solved it some 6-12 months or more ago
06/30@00:22:24 d45a0cfac0e76710b56e9203ef9838d7b724e568: split to get list from the core, and delayed saving should be a seperate commit

@rburchell rburchell was assigned Jun 29, 2012

lol this has sat here for like 3 months, is it gonna get merged or should it just die?


@Justasic: I think these are getting implemented slowly, one at a time. If I remember correctly there used to be a lot more than what is there now.


Just seems a bit pointless to have a pull request with them all when they're just being added slowly..


Slowly really is slowly, you weren't kidding! 👎

@rburchell rburchell was unassigned by attilamolnar Apr 7, 2014
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Most of these have made it or will make it into master, forgot to close it :)

@attilamolnar attilamolnar deleted the attilamolnar:insp20+patches branch Apr 7, 2014
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