Windows: In-depth cleanup (see details) #320

merged 1 commit into from Oct 12, 2012
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
  1. Windows: In-depth cleanup (see details)

    ChrisTX committed Oct 12, 2012
    -Fix x64 builds for Windows. Now all configurations compile.
    -Remove the non-working rebase stuff.
    -Remove the Windows fork hack and instead use FreeConsole() to emulate the behavior. This directly allows us to compile with ASLR, which is turned on now.
    -Remove the old IPC mechanism for the removed GUI. This is not needed anymore as the GUI wasn't ever supported on anything newer than 1.2
    -Remove the WIN32/WINDOWS macros. _WIN32 is supported on all x86-based VC++ targets, so that's what we need.
    -Enable optimizations for release builds.
    -De-duplicate printf_c(), it was previously copy-pasted into colors.h for configure
    -Add the VC++ specific bad files in .gitignore
    -Disable PID writing on Windows. This is only making sense for *nix builds.
    -Replace the CPU usage retrieval with an algorithm analogous to the *nix behavior. Also supports separated now/total values. (Tested with a dummy busy loop - seems working)
    -Removed certain unused functions and variables
    -Remove stdint defines from the windows wrapper
    -Remove CRT debug alloc. This is a bad idea as it would define a macro to replace free which breaks builds.
    -Re-evaluated the warnings list, commented it.
    -Moved inspircd_config/_version to include/ to match *nix
    -Removed the creation of inspircd_se_config, as it isn't used at all.
    -Made non-git builds show as "r0" instead of "r" (thanks to @SaberUK for pointing this out)
    -Fixed up m_spanningtree's project paths. Now all configurations (debug/release x86/x64) have been tested and build properly.
    -Moved FindDNS out of the wrapper and matched its log behavior with *nix. (It's pointless having it in the wrapper after the recent slimming down)
    -Replaced random/srandom wrappers with a mechanism that tries to use Windows' Random API first is no SSL module is loaded.
    -Removed more old junk from support for compilers older than VC++ 2010 (we don't have project files for these, so compiling them would be hard anyways)
    -Removed the unused ClearConsole()
    -Removed unused includes from the wrapper. Also, do not include psapi.h here if we don't link psapi.lib. This should be done where appropriate.
    -Made inet_aton an inline function for increased performance
    -C4800, performance warning about bool forcing, resolved at all occurrences.
    -C4701, uninitialized variable 'cached', resolved at all occurrences.
    -dlerror() was migrated out of the wrapper for more thread safety (no global buffer being shared) and increased performance.
    -Removed the wrong CRT debug flags. This drains a lot of performance.
    -Removed the clock_gettime/gettimeofday wrappers
    -Replaced all TCHAR/ANSI mix-ups of functions with the correct respective function.
    -Added a block of C4355 for < VS2012
    -Update project files for c870714