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This adds usermode +z for ssl-only queries and notices.

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i'll merge this once we can disable/remap modes, otherwise we won't be able to link to 2.0

@Shawn-Smith Shawn-Smith commented on the diff Apr 29, 2013
@@ -114,6 +150,50 @@ class ModuleSSLModes : public Module
+ ModResult OnUserPreMessage(User* user, void* dest, int target_type, std::string &text, char status, CUList &exempt_list)
+ {
+ if (target_type =! TYPE_USER)
Shawn-Smith Apr 29, 2013

Just noticed that's =! and not !=, I'll fix that the next time I have my VM open.


I know Charbdis and some other IRCds set umode +Z on ssl connected clients, maybe that could be added to the ssl modes module to accompany this. Regardless +z seems like the right umode.


What would +Z do if it was added? We don't need a mode just to specify if the user is on an SSL connection or not, that's handled internally without modes.


Can one of the admins verify this patch?

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