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Configuration files for the open-link testnet.
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Update testnet configs to work with the latest changes in master.


Setup instructions:

1. Check out this repository to inspircd/run/conf/qa-net
2. Choose a server name; in this example, we will use irc1.
3. Create conf/inspircd.conf containing:
   <include executable="qa-net/remote-exec irc1">
4. Create irc1.conf. This needs to contain:
   * <server> and <admin> blocks
   * <bind> tags for ports you listen on
   * <log> tags for any logs you want to keep
   * an <autoconnect> tag for the hub you want to connect to
   * <include> tags for general, opers, links, and modules
   You may find it easier to copy and edit an existing configuration file.
5. Add a link block to links.conf. If you don't know your SSL fingerprint,
   either leave it out to add later or use 'certtool -i < cert.pem' and copy
   the SHA1 fingerprint.
6. Commit the changes:  git add .; git commit -m 'Add server'; git push
7. Start up the ircd

If you are concerned about security, copy "remote-exec" to another location
(such as bin), and include a "<path>" tag above the "<include executable>".
This will prevent a malicious configuration from causing inpsircd to load a
module from the config repository or modifying the fetch script. Keep in mind
that even with this restriction, someone able to add configuration tags can
completely control the ircd.
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