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Modules » m_banredirect


Allows an extended ban (+b) syntax redirecting banned users to another channel. The extension allows channel bans in the format +b nick!ident@host#channel, where #channel is where a user matching the ban will be redirected to when they attempt to join the channel the ban is set on. This doesn't affect normal nick!ident@host bans which can be set as normal.

Configuration Tags

This module does not require any extra configuration, beyond the <module> tag to load it.


This module does not implement any commands.

User Modes

This module does not implement any user modes.

Channel Modes

This module does not implement any channel modes.

Extended Bans

The module does not introduce a new extban mode, but allows suffixing a target channel to the ban hostmask.


This supports partial banmask expansion (e.g. /mode #channel +b Bob actually applying a banmask of Bob!*@*) like the core does. The behavior should be the same as the core.

When this module is unloaded it will reset all bans with redirections to bans without the redirection. So on unload you'll see a load of mode changes something like:

22:04 -!- ServerMode/#channel1 [-b+b *!*@* *!*@*] by

Also, if there are multiple bans matching a user the first one to be set will be the one which is applied.

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