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As with most IRC channels, the support channel has rules. These rules are as follows:

  • The main purpose of the channel is for support and discussion of InspIRCd. Other off-topic discussion is allowed, but keep it to a minimum when on-topic discussion is happening.

  • When asking for support make sure to state your full InspIRCd version as well as your Operating System name/version and compiler name/version.

  • We are here to contribute to the project in some way. Contribute positively. Avoid flaming and arguments.

  • Constructive criticism directly related to InspIRCd or an module of InspIRCd is welcomed. By constructive this means you must give recommendations of how it should be improved.

  • Outright bashing of people, programs, and ideas without a reasoned argument (e.g. just "its crap") its frowned upon and makes you look an idiot.

  • If you find a bug, PLEASE report it to the bugtracker rather than the channel. This makes processing it much easier to manage.

  • Please use a pastebin if you wish to contribute config file snippets or code to the channel, rather than pasting, or you will be automatically kicked.

  • No stupid scripts please (e.g. l33tsp33k-converters, 'thanks for the op' scripts, etc).

  • Idlers are welcome on #InspIRCd. Helpful people are even more welcome!

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