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+title: Configuration
+layout: default
+## Introduction
+Configuring InspIRCd -as any other ircd- is not an easy task. Since InspIRCd is as featurefull as it
+is, there is a lot to configure. But, not to panic, there is this documentation! Configuration of
+InspIRCd is done by editing the configuration text file, usually called inspircd.conf. The
+inspircd.conf file is formatted as a XML-alike document, which for most people is somewhat different
+to what they are used to. The format of an instruction within the configuration file looks like the
+ <tagname variable="value">
+There may be one or more variables in the tag, each of which must have exactly one value. A variable
+must be followed immediately by an equals sign and then its value in quotes, with no spaces between
+the two, as shown in this example. The tagname must contain only alphabetical characters.
+You **do not** require closing tags as in XML.
+We provide example config files with each InspIRCd release, which are automatically copied in the
+config dir. These examples are the best configuration-documentation there is, so use them to your
+advantage! Since these examples cover most of the things that InspIRCd features, we will give only
+additional information on this wiki.
+## Isn't there an easier way?
+We try to make installing and configuring as easy as possible. However, configuring an ircd is not a
+simple task, especially when an ircd is as powerfull as InspIRCd. Many defaults in the example
+configfiles will work perfectly to begin your ircd with. When you get to the advanced stuff, you can
+check on the wiki or ask anything in our support channel.

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