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+title: Modules » m_abbreviation
+layout: default
+### Description
+This module allows commands to be abbreviated using the syntax
+`/BEGIN.` where `BEGIN` is the beginning of the command. For example,
+the command `GLINE` could be used as `/gl.`, assuming no other
+commands start with those same letters.
+### Configuration Tags
+This module does not require any extra configuration, other than the
+`<module>` tag to load it.
+### Modes
+This module does not implement any extra user or channel modes.
+### Extended Bans (Extbans)
+This module implements no extended bans.
+### Commands
+None, but allows existing commands to be abbreviated.
+### Special Notes
+If more than one command begins with the `BEGIN` text, a list of
+matching commands will be given and no command will be executed.
+This module will not allow abbreviation of aliases set by
+[m_alias](/wiki/Modules/alias.html) as these are not actual
+commands. If you wish to shorten an alias, make a shorter copy of that
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