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Fix SNOMASK page referring to a setting by the wrong name.

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@@ -11,12 +11,12 @@ For example, to see local and remote connections and quit notices, execute the f
`/MODE YourNick +s +cCqQ`
To enable automatic setting of SNOMASKs upon opering, load [m_opermodes](/wiki/Modules/opermodes.html)
-and set the modes in `<type:automodes>`. For example:
+and set the modes in `<type:modes>`. For example:
<type name="GlobalOp"
classes="OperChat BanControl HostCloak Modular"
- automodes="+s +cCqQ">
+ modes="+s +cCqQ">
To remove a SNOMASK, set user mode +s again, but remove masks by sending a 'negative' change. For
example, to disable remote connection and quit notices, execute the following command:

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