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Welcome to the INSPIRE validation Github space. This space is used for developing and maintaining the Abstract and Executable Test Suites (ATS and ETS) for the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines, under the umbrella of the MIG.

This space also serves for collecting your feedback and proposals on ATS, ETS and the underlying test framework (ETF).

The space currently includes abstract and executable test suites for

  • INSPIRE metadata (TG v1.3)
  • download services based on WFS
  • download services based on Atom
  • cross-cutting requirements for data sets related to any INSPIRE theme, and
  • specific tests for data sets related to Annex I themes (Addresses, Administrative units, Cadastral parcels, Coordinate reference systems, Geographical grid systems, Geographical names, Hydrography, Protected sites, Transport networks).

See the Roadmap for the planned future developments of additional test suites and bug fixes.

On this page we collect additional information, tutorials, guidance etc. on developing test suites that you may find useful.

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