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Coupled resource

Purpose: If the resource is a spatial data service, this metadata element refers to the target spatial data set(s) of the service. It is implemented by reference, i.e. through a URL that points to the metadata record of the data on which the service operates.


Test method

This test case only applies to records with a hierarchyLevel value 'service'.

The operatesOn element in the SV_ServiceIdentification element should be a HTTP URI that when retrieved using HTTP GET should return the metadata document describing the dataset exposed by this service (i.e. the resource must be a metadata record with a hierarchyLevel 'dataset' or 'series').


Test type: Automated


How to identify that the service operates on a dataset? Only services with service types or for now?

todo: to validate this is the proper identification, the identification used in capabilities might be required

##Contextual XPath references

The namespace prefixes used as described in

Abbreviation XPath expression (relative to gmd:MD_Metadata)
hierarchyLevel gmd:hierarchyLevel/gmd:MD_ScopeCode/@codeListValue
SV_ServiceIdentification ./gmd:identificationInfo/srv:SV_ServiceIdentification/srv:operatesOn
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