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Dataset language

Purpose: If the type of the resource is dataset or series, a resource language must be given.


Test method

This test case only applies to records with a hierarchyLevel value 'dataset' or 'series'.

The test first checks if a gmd:LanguageCode object is given and contains a codeList and codeListValue attribute.

It is then checked if the codeListValue attribute contains a valid 3-letter language code (one of the values of enumeration type languageISO6392B in


  • TG MD, 2.2.7, Req 8 & 9
  • ISO 639-2

Test type: Automated


The ETS does not check if a gmd:LanguageCode contains a codeList attribute, since that is required by the schema.

The depencency to Hierarchy has not been implemented in the ETS as it still seems reasonable to test the available dataset (series) metadata records.

##Contextual XPath references

The namespace prefixes used as described in

Abbreviation XPath expression (relative to gmd:MD_Metadata)
hierarchyLevel gmd:hierarchyLevel/gmd:MD_ScopeCode/@codeListValue
LanguageCode gmd:identificationInfo[1]/*/gmd:language/gmd:LanguageCode
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