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YesCart - pure eCommerce

YesCart - pure eCommerce

YesCart is an e-commerce platform build using java technology.

The platform is designed as multi store (and multi tenancy) e-commerce server allowing multiple businesses and/or multiple business brands to create and manage their online stores with ease. Clients requiring simple one store servers will enjoy the platform as well without entering configuration nightmare - it is all very simple and takes just a few clicks in the administration application.

Storefront server includes all e-commerce basics as well as taking some of the most important features further. Some honourable mentions are multichannel capabilities through themes that adapt to customer devices; superior search and navigation capabilities to make sure your customers not only find products but find the right ones; and full e-commerce order lifecycle encapsulated within the platform as event system giving a clear and robust order processing.

Admin server puts business users in control of the platform via flexible role scheme and data federation system. All data is fully manageable through user friendly editors and can be imported via built in import wizard that supports CSV and XML formats out of the box (including multi import using zip archives) but also allows extensions for alternative import/export facilities. Additionally Admin includes call center section that allows customer order management.

So it is all easily configurable but that is not all! Every business is unique requiring specific functionality, which is why YesCart was build for easy extension. Third party systems intergration is very simple through web services and storefront REST API and well as internal extensions to plug in custom functionality.

And that is still not all! YesCart is an embodiment of e-commerce best practices and a true test driven design (TDD) platform to ensure all code is functional, efficacious and works with staggering performance.

Please visit our official site to read more about the project.

YesCart - pure eCommerce

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